Turbine Flowmeters
UGF20 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter
   -There are many reasons for choosing the UGF20 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter. 
    The unit has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. As an ultrasonic 
    gas transit time flowmeter, it does not create an obstruction in the pipe; therefore, 
    it does not produce a pressure drop. The meter is immune to pulsation damage 
    and impervious to particulates. The UGF20 gas flowmeter is capable of measuring 
    over a wide flow range, eliminating the need for multiple meters. The meter is 
    programmed at the factory in accordance with your measurement parameters. 
    Installation simply requires mounting the sensors and connecting the power and 
    output wire leads. Once in the field, changes to operating parameters are easily 
    accomplished using the membrane   numerical and function key pad.
   -The Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter has an automatic gain control feature that 
    compensates for the variation in signal amplitude caused by flow conditions such as 
    pressure and flow rate. The unit also has an LCD display with LED backlight capable 
    of displaying instantaneous   flow rate, flow rate trend and total. The Ultrasonic Gas 
    Flowmeter has multiple, configurable outputs avail-able; two 4–20 mA analog outputs, 
    four open collector frequency outputs and one RS-422 output. This digital output 
    eliminates errors from analog to digital conversions when the meter is interfaced with 
    down line   equipment. RS-422 allows drive capabilities of up to 4,000 feet.