Flow Transfer Standard
   -Pictured here is a Flow Transfer Standard (FTS) with a custom cart to house the 
    manifold and master turbine meters. Fluid input and output is connected to fittings 
    located on the end of the cart's right side. The wheels allow the cart to be easily 
    moved to various test cells for   calibration.
Liquid Flowmeter Calibration System
   -Flow Technology's Microtrak and Omnitrak™  positive displacement 
    computer-assisted liquid flowmeter calibration systems provide performance, 
    reliability and economical benefits of ownership. Exceptional accuracy and stability 
    are achieved from a precisely honed, chrome-plated stainless steel cylinder used 
    to displace the fluid used for calibration.
   -The Micro/Omnitrak's calibrations are directly traceable to NIST via water draw 
    validation with a total volumetric flow rate measurement uncertainty of approximately 
    +/- 0.05% at 95% confidence level typical. The calibrators are well suited for liquid 
    flow ranges from 0.001 GPM (0.004 LPM) up to 400 GPM (1,500 LPM).