Positive Displacement Flowmeters
BL Series High Pressure Boltless Flowmeters
   -The patented, highly accurate Flow Technology 
    BL Series positive displacement flowmeter is ideal for high pressure 
    applications, such as methanol injection, where pressures can be as high as 
    10,000 psig or above. By eliminating the need for high-strength fasteners, Flow 
    Technology’s unique "Boltless" pressure vessel design provides inherent corrosion 
    resistance in a compact, easy-to-maintain package.
Positive Displacement Flowmeters
DC-I Series Industrial
   -The patented Flow Technology DC-I series positive displacement flowmeters is 
    ideal for a wide variety of   liquid flow applications. These applications include, but 
    are not limited to, paints, resins, petrochemicals, lubricants, fuels, polyurethanes 
    and adhesives. These flowmeters are both highly accurate and easily adaptable 
    to most   industrial applications.
Positive Displacement Flowmeters
DC-F Series Sanitary
   -The patented Flow Technology DC-F series positive displacement flowmeter is 
    ideal for liquid flow applications in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.