Electronics & Accessories
SL9000 / SL9100 / SL9200 Series Flow Computers
   -The SL9100 Flow Computer is an advanced instrument for liquid flow applications. 
    It has many programmable features to serve a variety of flow control functions. 
    The various hardware inputs and outputs can be "soft" assigned to meet a variety 
    of common application needs.The user "soft selects" the usage of each input/output 
    while configuring the instrument.The multiple output types allow tremendous flexibility 
    in setting up the SL9100 for batch control, rate alarming, and/or transmission of 
    process variables. The two-line, 20-character vacuum fluorescent  display shows 
    measured and calculated parameters in an easy to understand  format. The SL9200 
    Flow Computer adds the capabilities for a variety of  flowmeter types in liquid, gas, 
    steam and heat applications. Multiple flow  equations are available in a single 
    instrument with many advanced features. The SL9000 Flow Computer is a lower 
    cost unit with an LCD display and reduced   available features.
Electronics & Accessories
BR3000 Battery Powered Rate/Totalizer
   -Battery or DC power and a compact size make the BR 3000 Series Rate/Totalizer 
    a versatile local indicator. It accepts magnetic pickup and DC pulse inputs. Rate 
    and total are shown  simultaneously on the easy-to-read, two-line, LCD display. 
    Ten point  linearization is a standard feature, allowing correction for K-factor 
    variation, thus increasing the accuracy. Scaled pulse and 4-20mA output options 
    allow the   unit to send data to other devices. Batteries can provide all of the unit’s   
    power or serve as a back-up when DC or 4-20mA loop power is used. The BR3000 
    is available in an explosion-proof or NEMA 4X enclosure and can be directly 
    mounted   on Flow Technology flowmeters or remotely mounted