LTP1 Low Pressure Test Pump : Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum, Fully portable hand operated unit, Generating up to 3000 mbar / 45 psi pressure or -850 mbar / 25 in Hg vacuum, Adjustment Fine volumetric pressure / vacuum adjuster with 0.1mbar / 0.00145 psi sensitivity



TP1-40 Pressure Test System : Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum, Generating up to 40bar pressure or -0.96 bar / 29 in Hg vacuum, Quick fit instruments are available to use with the system including electronic calibrators, digital indicators and analogue gauges,

HTP1 Pressure Test System : Hydraulic Pressure up to 700 bar / 1000 bar, Sealed Construction - NO LEAKS ! NO RUST, Lightweight, hand held and easy to use, Optional over pressure protection system ( via adjustable relief valve ), Supplied with carrying case.