TL100 Output 1-2mV/V
Tensile loadcells
The sensor is manufactured to withstand a rough environment.
Full Scale Tensile Load (FS): Typical 10-200 tonn Specified by customer
Maximum Tensile Load at 20°C: FS range x 2 , below 25 tonn. FS range x (2…1.33), above 25 tonn. FS range x 1.33, above 200 tonn
Temperature range -20°C to 60°C
Linearity ± 0,2% FS
Total accuracy at ambient temperature. The accuracy demands correct bolt dimension Typical 0,5%
TCS (Thermal Compensated Sensitivity) Typical 0,03%FS x
(temp. –amb)
Output 1-2mV/V
Supply Voltage Max. 15 VDC
Electrical Connector 4 wire
Response time 2 msec
Bridge Resistance 4 kohm
Insulation Test 500 V AC (RMS) > 1 GW
Sealing IP67

Stainless Steel