High Speed and High Efficiency Dynamic Light Scattering

Microtrac, Inc. has been a pioneer in light scattering particle size technology for 30 years, 
and introduced the Ultrafine Particle Analyzer in 1990. The newly enhanced and designed 
Nanotrac, features faster measurements (up to 20 times faster), smaller particle size 
capability (to 0.8 nm), higher precision, higher accuracy and advanced software capabilities 
all in one small,robust dynamic light scattering instrument having no moving components.
Microtrac® S3500

The Microtrac S3500 with Tri-laser Technology Increases Accuracy, Range,   and Repeatability.

The Microtrac® S3500 employs the patented Tri-laser   technology to provide accurate, reliable particle size 
information. Even in the   submicron range, measurements are made without typical sample-to-sample   
variation evident in many other systems. By increasing the number of light   sources, the unique 
Tri-laser technology makes more effective use of   photo-detection devices, while maintaining maximum 
stability and alignment of   the optical system. Microtrac S3500 complies with or exceeds ISO 13320-1   
Particle Size Analysis- Laser Diffraction Methods.